A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance...Proverbs 15:13

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Young Ladies Blogging - The Womanly Art of Homekeeping

If you are looking 

for a young ladies perspective 

on homemaking, crafting, 

baking, sewing or serving; 

or want to know what young ladies do 

to occupy their days at home,

Please visit my two daughters' blogs 

as they share with you 

 their keeper-at-home days.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

 This gal is a woman after mine own heart.  If you know anything about me you will see the 'uncanny' resemblence; if you are my friend you will know these things about me----and still love me.  ;)  Only difference between me and this gal is that she is confident in the way the Lord made her and I have let others who don't agree convince me that some of these are character flaws. LOL!  I need to work on that.  Thank you, Amy, for being transparent.  :)


From "Raising Arrows" Blog

I’d Love to Have You Over for Coffee, But First You Need to Know…

1.  I’m a Mary, not a Martha.  We will sit and chit chat the day away.  I’ll think about the dishes later.  Please don’t let it bother you.
2.  Occasionally there is a streaker in the house.  Sorry.
3.  I hate fixing my hair and I rarely wear makeup.  But, if I know you are coming ahead of time, I’ll try to fix myself up a bit for you. ;)
4.  I am a deep conversations person.  Small talk exhausts me.  And I don’t mind hard questions, so ask away.
5.  We don’t let our children play behind closed doors and we check on them frequently.  It’s nothing against you or your family.  It’s just how we are.
6.  We are night owls.  You could not possibly stay too late.  However…
7.  My husband might fall asleep while you are talking.  Just warning you.  It’s not that you are boring, he’s just so comfortable with your presence in our house that he feels at ease enough to take a nap.  And don’t worry, he’ll do it at your house too.
8.  Disrespectful children make me cringe, but most things don’t bother me.  Actually, let me rephrase that…Disrespectful children who remain uncorrected by their parents make me cringe.  Please go ahead and correct your children if they need it.  It won’t bother us and it does not reflect badly on you.  However, also realize it takes a lot to rattle me, so no need to stress about your child spilling their cup on the floor or the fussy little one who needs a nap.
9.  My husband loves it when you ask questions about the buffalo and the photos and artifacts we have around the house.   We’ve always felt like you learn so much about a person when you are actually in their home and see the items that surround them.  This is his way of introducing you to us.
10.  Don’t be afraid to ask me about Emily.  Don’t be afraid you will make me cry and don’t be afraid you’ll say something wrong.  We talk about her all the time and we welcome the opportunity to share her with you.
Now, how about a cup of coffee?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Praying for My Grandchildren


My Grandmother is Praying for Me

 Are you a grandmother? Or maybe you know a grandmother, are married to one, or fondly remember your own. Whatever category you are in, authors and grandmothers Kathryn March, Pamela Ferriss, and Susan Kelton invite you to join them in becoming actively involved in the lives of grandchildren. The world continues to change, and sometimes it seems that the generation gap has never been larger. But one thing always holds fast: our children and grandchildren need to know and live by the wisdom that God has outlined for them in His Word. Concerned grandparents want their grandchildren to know His Word for themselves—and there is no better way for this to happen than to pray to the Author of all wisdom. Here is a yearlong, day-by-day guide for grandmothers not only to pray for the godly character development of their grandchildren, but also to teach them to apply His Word to their lives. 

I consider it a privilege and a blessing to be able to pray for my children and grandchild that they would know the Lord intimately in their hearts, seek to honor and obey Him, and live their lives as a testimony to His death and resurrection on their behalf.  To Jesus be the Glory forever!